Genieo Beta 1.0

Build a custom homepage automatically

Are you looking for a fast, simple way to create a customized homepage? Let Genieo lend you a hand! View full description


  • Very easy to use
  • Creates a homepage automatically
  • Extended configuration options


  • May cause privacy concerns
  • Can take a while to create the homepage


Are you looking for a fast, simple way to create a customized homepage? Let Genieo lend you a hand!

Genieo is a small, simple tool that builds a custom homepage automatically in just a few minutes, based on your browsing history and your site preferences. This first site is built right after you launch the program for the first time, and can take up to 20 minutes.

After that, your homepage is ready to use. Launch your browser (or restart it) and you'll see a new homepage with headlines, web feeds, links to your favorite sites and more – all based on your own preferences. Of course, you can easily customize this draft by adding or removing feeds as you like. Genieo also lets you track your friends' activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Overall, Genieo seems to be a nice alternative to more traditional home pages like the Firefox one or iGoogle. On the downside, those worried about their privacy may not be happy about the program checking your browsing history – though there's really nothing dangerous about it.

GEnieo helps you build a totally automatic custom homepage in a few minutes.



Genieo Beta 1.0

User reviews about Genieo

  • TrustedUser

    by TrustedUser

    "Avoid Genieo at all costs"

    Dreadful, intrusive, difficult to fully remove. Malware and Adware . More.

    reviewed on November 7, 2013

  • carillojess

    by carillojess

    "This product is dangerous malware"

    This product is dangerous malware.Genio is bad. 13 more characters to go. More.

    reviewed on April 28, 2013

  • ads0

    by ads0

    "I like Genieo a lot"

    I have Genieo for a while now and its very helpful. im a very busy man and I was looking for something to summarize all ... More.

    reviewed on March 3, 2013